by Otieno Lynn
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Thor gets another eye. Lol. 
Avengers: Infinity war is the most average movie that I have watched in a bit. The trailer was epic  but then it turns out it was just bait. Not necessarily what you get. The ending isn’t what you’d expect it to be,  making it more of a half of a movie. The ability of the movie to evoke emotions is almost zero. It felt like watching a television series from episode 10 all the way up to episode 1, in reverse. Everything is so all over the place. 
Perhaps one thing I expected as a Marvel super hero sequel fan was to see some of my favorite superheroes in action, which I actually did,  but then whatever makes these characters our favorites is seeing them do awesome stuff on set, but the screen time allocated for each was way too limited. In simpler terms, Infinity War is a crowded movie,  way too busy and overstuffed with the usual Marvel problems. The movie is characterized by way too much action such that the characters are hardly accorded one on one interaction. I appreciate that they are bundled into smaller working groups but then there are certain long desired unions that we  were hoping to see in the film which did not happen. The film has an epic scope but it miserably fails to hit the height of the expectations that were set by the trailer. 
I will give it to Marvel though for making the film as humorous as it is, although it seems a little overdone :It’s their style. 
Action movies are my favorite but a little humor usually goes a long way in making them more entertaining. In Infinity War, Thor keeps referring to the Rocket Raccoon as “the rabbit ”  but then somewhere along the line they end up forming a formidable partnership. Their heart to heart is the truly dramatic moment of the film. The highlight.
An anticlimax though, lots and lots of people die in this film including the black panther and I think Gamora dies too… Heart breaking. Well it’s not clear if she dies or not… I sure hope not. And if all these characters are truly dead, how will they be brought back? I’m curious. 
On the flip side, the quality of the visuals is great,  I watched the movie in an IMAX theatre and I can sure vouch for the “shot with IMAX cameras” line. Also, the fact that the super women of Marvel are granted a dedicated scene to outwit each other and show their prowess in action is extremely thrilling , and guess where this happens: In Wakanda. 
Avengers: “Infinity War” may be the biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, but it’s not anywhere  near the best. It is essentially a good prequel for what to expect next year. 
Finally, how did Thor know how to get to Wakanda? 

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John Isemeki May 2, 2018 - 3:30 am

You've discouraged me. I'm not looking for this movie anymore.

Otieno Lynn May 2, 2018 - 3:58 am

Lol… Good


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