by Otieno Lynn
It was 12:01 A.M. when I was woken up by a phone call. “No one ever calls me this late,” I mumble to myself. I struggled to open my eyes only to see that it was a strange number. Well, it was days after the lion roamed the streets and you could never know who was cornered. I hesitated for a few seconds before I eventually decided to take the call. The caller on the other end sounded very sober; he had no sense of panic in his voice.
“Hi, Lynn.”
“It’s so and so”
“Oh hi, what’s up? Long time.”
“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Lynn, happy birthday to you “
I was still trying to piece everything together when the caller rudely but unknowingly interrupted my thoughts.
“Sorry to call you so late, and for waking you up. I just wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday ” At this point I gathered everything that makes up Lynn to ask them if it was our birthday. No.
Our birthday was still months away.
If someone has ever wished you a happy birthday on a day that’s not your birthday, then you’ll agree with me that it’s traumatizing. They didn’t just send a text or a Facebook message, or a WhatsApp voice note. They actually called to wish you a happy birthday, no to sing you happy birthday. From their tone, you can actually tell it’s from deep inside their heart it’s genuine, and it’s honest; well I’m not sure about this part. Nevertheless, it makes you feel special. Rewarding all this “sweetness ” with a “no, it’s not my birthday” statement is just rude or at least I think so.
So tell me, would you interrupt them and say it’s not your birthday? Would you play along? Would you hang up? Back to our caller, after exchanging a few “catch up” pleasantries he finally wished me a good night and hung up. For close to two hours I couldn’t get myself to sleep. I kept asking myself why someone would wish me a happy birthday on a day that’s not my birthday. At some point, I even told myself that this is the day I say goodbye to this world. Shhhhh! Witchcraft is real. I finally “gathered ” some sleep and I woke up at 6.30 to a sweet text message from our late night caller. It read;
“I’ll have someone deliver something for you later in the day. Confirm if you’ll be home. “
The urge to text back and tell our caller that it’s not my birthday is getting stronger, but there’s another little voice asking me to be a little considerate of other people’s feelings. Ha! The little voice wins. People get mad when their friends forget their birthday, right? This one was sweet. I can’t tell if he forgot or recalled.

Remember my Ray Ban sunglasses?

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