by Otieno Lynn

 Spread not sweet smelling roses on my face,
While splattering blood on my back
Choose one dear ally, blood or roses
Send not sweet messages
While smearing my life with dirt elsewhere
Choose one dear ally, sweet or dirty
Don’t call me darling while calling me foe
Elsewhere with a heart so cold,
Choose one dear ally, darling or foe
I look into your ever so deceiving eyes
All I see is fire and grey eyes
You’re so evil, you’re so spiteful
Your black heart so full of hatred
But you strive to paint it sacred
I know deception when I see it
From the alleys of my soul I can feel it
Your tongue is laced with poison
Spitting words of hate and corrosion
While pretending to be walking in consecration
Tomorrow you’ll say in sweet adoration
I love you without condition
When I know for sure, that you lie with precision
Choose one dear ally, friend or foe?

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