by Otieno Lynn

Even in a room filled with a thousand and one people , there are men who’s presence cannot be ignored, whose presence you can’t just wish away . And he is one of those men. Sitting across the table, with the whole restaurant  filled with his glorious presence, he held my left hand and asked ” What is your perfect Friday night ?” 
I love to soak in solitude. I love to take a long hot shower, feed on a good homemade meal, massage some coconut oil  on every inch of my skin, switch off the lights, light some scented candles, and spend the evening on my bed thinking about nothing and basking in the glory of coconuty scents” 

There are certain words that have never and perhaps will never ever come out of my mouth. Things like,  “I have a huge chunk of coconut in the fridge that I can’t wait to get home and devour”Or things like can you come over? I have two nuts ” Sorry, two coconuts 😂😂😂,  for the simple fact that coconuts aren’t my favorite things to eat. 

You are an ordinary girl and hair-care is the least of your problems. Then you wake up one morning and it suddenly occurs to you that you could actually do more for your hair and your face gets lucky too. honestly speaking ,I do not have any particularly reason as to why I settled for this brand, my choice was basically influenced by online reviews. Nothing more. 

Before jumping into the whole point of this post, I’d love to make two things clear : One, this is not a sponsored post and two, this review is totally random and is not something I planned to do,  which is why I won’t share any before and after pictures of my hair. 
 I have been using coconut oil for quite a bit now (about 9 months) on my hair and as a moisturizer for my face.  As you may have heard or already know, it comes in solid form and before application you might need to do some melting. The good thing is that once you rub it a bit in between your palms it melts down really fast. 
But… God knows the amount of struggle we are going through with our coconut oil in this weather. It’s as solid as a rock and fingers no longer work.You gotta use a spade to scoop the damn thing.

One thing I love about coconut oil is that it’s featherweight on the skin/scalp and pretty easy to apply. I have seen tremendous results with my hair and for sometime now, I have been toying with the idea of going natural but then, I do not have the heart yet, or the patience. Before I began using coconut oil on my hair,  it was really thin and it didn’t have such life as it does now, and apparently I never imagined that I needed to do something about that, I was doing okay until I decided to. Nine months later, why lie… I love what I’m seeing… and feeling… and touching.I have gained so much length and body.  My hair even seems a little tougher and stronger than it used to be and breakage is very minimal. For my hair, I love to mix my coconut oil with some olive oil and Indian Hemp. I don’t have any kind of scientific justification as to why I craft this mixture but somehow I always feel it will give me something and I think it has.

Coconut oil on my face? Nothing. I actually gave up on trying after using it for about four months because it didn’t seem to make any kind of difference. Kinda felt like a waste of time, so I just decided to stick to religiously using it on my hair and I am honestly totally happy with the results. 
When it comes to skincare routine and products,  it’s all about what works for you . A regimen is either working or not, there’s no in between or waiting for ten years for some sort of miracle. One challenge with this though, is that transportation is a nightmare, considering how fast it melts. I could use some suggestions guys. 
If  you have used or are using coconut oil on your hair or your skin,  I’d really love to read about your experience in the comments section.
See you soon. 

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