DAY 62 OF 365

by Otieno Lynn

A Ship in Harbor Is Safe, But that Is
 Not What Ships Are Built For
John A. Shedd
I am feeling pretty sleepy as I write this article. I stayed up late last night, which by the way has essentially become part of my lifestyle for the past few months. Two months into the year and I am already taking stock….too soon? Well, that is the kind of focus I am going for. LOL! , and besides, it’s never too soon to review anything for adjustments’ sake.

This year is special to me in so many ways. First off I am not mistakenly writing 2016 instead of 2017. I get it right every single time. So yeah, 2016 I am so over you. Seriously though, I am particularly proud of the fact that I have I have made milestones in getting out of my comfort zone and taken up things that I was rather hesitant to do in the past. By the past I mean 2016….*wink*

How far in are you in achieving your goals? I have come to learn that we are ruled by habits. We want to do the same things the same way we did them yesterday while in the process expecting to make a change. That is not how it works darling. You gotta start doing things differently. If like me for instance you are a business person, try forging some new partnerships and see how it goes, if you are looking to lose some weight, try something new like planning your meals.

There is always a risk in getting out of your comfort zone and that is the beauty of it all. The hell life itself is a risk. There will always be some more of you left to discover and you will never know much potential you have until you get out of that place where everything is as you would like it to be. It might actually feel like withdrawing from something you are addicted to but I can tell you from experience that it is rewarding.

Starting out is scary. The area outside the comfort zone is petrifying, lonely, cold, confusing and half the time it feels like you do not even know or understand what the hell you are doing. The good news is, it gets easier, and it gets better. Get out of your shell.
March 2017? So far so good. Here’s to casting nets wider and deeper into the sea.
Hoping I made sense.

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