by Otieno Lynn

Dar es salaam is Tanzania’s biggest city and east Africa’s most populous city.The streets of Dar are lively and busy. For the love of globe trotting, here is a little scoop into the beauty of Dar es Salaam

1      The rapid transport system.
This is perhaps the most intriguing phenomenon about Dar es salaam,at least for me. What they aptly refer to as Mwendo Kasi is a rapid transport system that was commissioned in May 2016 and since then Tanzanians have been enjoying fast and reliable transport.The first phase of the project has about 21 km of trunk road, with dedicated bus lanes on three trunk routes and 29 bus stations.There is no such thing as traffic jam when you’re using Mwendo Kasi because the route is currently serviced by 140 Chinese built Golden Dragon buses, providing express and local service for 18 hours daily from 05:00 am to 11:00 pm and the 21 km trunk road runs from Kimara to Ubungo(Kivukoni).The city of Kivukoni is the third largest city in East Africa, with a very vibrant fish market and reportedly the most favored port in Africa.So depending on the distance, for between Tsh400-Tsh800 you will be able to enjoy reliability, convenience and comfort while at the same time get value for your money.Within the stations are electronic coin machines and card paying systems that save on time because once you pay or swipe your travel card,you obtain your ticket and hop onto the next Mwendo Kasi plying your route.Simple!


     2. Zanzibar
Zanzibar is and has always been one of my dream holiday destinations.I recently learned that Zanzibar is actually a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania.Now I am talking about Zanzibar because of it’s proximity to Dar es Salaam.It will interest you to know that the calculated flying distance between Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar is equal to 46 miles translating to about 74 km.Flights between Dar and Zanzibar cost approximately between USD 40 -USD 60, while a ferry cruise costs approximately between 35 dollars and 50 dollars for non-residents.For the Residents, the rates are cheaper by almost half the price. 
Depending on what works best for you, ferry time takes about 2-3 hours while flights take roughly 15 minutes.
Some of the airlines operating between Dar and Zanzibar include:

Azam Marine, Coastal ferries and Fast Ferries are the major ferry companies operating between Dar and Zanzibar.
3. Food Food Food and more Food
Is this a thing with all the Swahili speaking coastal communities?.From mshikaki to samaki wa kupaka to Sekela to maini wa kuchoma to sembe to ugali wa dona. And of course pilau, properly done pilau prepared using fresh whole spices from Zanzibar.The best part yet is that Dar has a broad variety of cuisine from all over the world and there is something for everyone.I had one of the most scrumptious and succulent honey grilled chicken at the Rhapsody’s , not to mention the best strawberry mojito of my life. Be sure to check them out when you visit Dar.
If you’re looking for a place to unwind after a long day, High Spirit provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the city, the sea and an endless carpet of the stars and one Mr.Moon.The establishment covers the entire roof of the IT plaza. Fascinating.


4. Hospitality
Despite the busy Dar es Salaam city life, folks here always have time to say shikamoo to strangers and acquaintances alike and it is actually offensive not to shikamoo back.In short there is a culture of warmth and hospitality that you are very unlikely to find in most cities.There is a horde of warm welcomes and a multitude of heartfelt come- again good byes.I exceptionally like how they say samahani (excuse me).They will readily assist with directions and stuff.Awesome
Till next time, have a lovely Easter weekend.

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Dencey April 17, 2017 - 12:19 pm

Beautiful piece of writing. I couldn't say it any other way better than this!!

*only needs some few corrections though.. the words msikela-Sekela, dola-dona

Otieno Lynn April 17, 2017 - 12:21 pm

Well in Dencey..catching the words correctly wasn't easy…i'll make the corrections ASAP.


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