by Otieno Lynn
Good mooooorning! 
Now, we love to shower ourselves with accolades over the milestones we’ve achieved and more often than not ignore the group of people who rally behind us and encourage us to do better. 
None of us is self made. None of us can truly claim to have done it by himself or herself. (I feel like writing “himuselufu” here) There you have it..
Someone had to sacrifice something or things to assist you with one or two things you needed to do: that class project, or your thesis, your health or even your job. When someone mentions the word sacrifice the first thing that comes to mind is that it has to be a massive step or a huge act of kindness, or something  dear to the person making it. But let me break it down to you, two minutes of a person’s time is precious, that they choose to spend it with you or assisting you is sacrifice, one shilling of a person’s investment is important. 
We particularly have these “annoying” friends who won’t let us fail in  peace.Your head droops just a little and they lift your chin up with a stick. You zone out just a little bit and they are on your ass pushing you to level up.
This is an appreciation post for such people, the wind in our wings, the audience to our bullshit, our cheerleaders, the consistent ones,  our loyal tribe. I salute you!
Ion today I’m wearing a very simple Ankara skater skirt and a sleeveless yellow top.The patterns on the skirt are quite conspicuous hence my decision to match it with a plain blouse. I thought of throwing on a multicolored headgear but then, it’s not Christmas yet. 
To top it all off, golden Louboutins for the win, to complement the warm yellow hues. 
Till next time,  have a beautiful week and remember to give some credit where it’s due. 








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