by Lynn Otieno

I probably won’t say a lot of words in this post because I’ve utterly and completely zoned out. Why you ask?In a few hours I’ll be travelling to a destination that I have dreamed about forever and I am so anxious I feel like I am gonna pass out from excitement.My heart can literally not take it. Check out my social media pages for details.

Meet my current obsession.Rubber shoes. White rubber shoes. I literally  live in them and wear them with everything, well, almost everything and I think the most basic reason why is because of how comfortable these shoes are. I got a pair from Bata and the other from Jade Collection. Despite being super affordable, maintaining white rubber shoes is a full time job and most of the time you gotta clean them up after every wear.  I love white because it’s neutral and pretty much match-able  with almost any outfit. So, having made those very many statements, which of these two looks is your favorite? 

Outfit details

Flowered top and red skirt: Sassy Collection

Shoes :  Jade collection

Shots by: Urban Photography



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Mijele September 28, 2018 - 2:08 pm

I love your style

Lynn October 9, 2018 - 6:31 pm

Thank you


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