by Otieno Lynn

 Sometimes I wonder why gold did not make it to the list of neutrals.It has never been my favorite color but it’s slowly winning me over.
Hello September!, we are only four months away from Christmas.Well, three months and twenty four days away sounds better.

August has been a long month.The days just never seemed to move but well, were here. It’s the first day of September and it is a beautiful day.Do I need to spell it out? I guess not.
Onto more golden things, how do love this ensemble?White, hot pink and gold.Lots of gold.The story of this head gear is the story of a thousand Tanzanian girls,it’s the story of a thousand voices and it’s the story of change, that of a new story.If you have been following my blog, then you already know about the fascinating facts I shared about Dar es Salaam in this post.If not, please run there and borrow some tips on the nooks and cranny of Dar life, for you next trip to Dar.
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Till next time, I wish you my lovely readers a prosperous month full of God’s blessings!

 Outfit details
 Dress :Thrifted
Headgear: Made from a kikoi I bought in Dar es Salaam
Shoes: Same here

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OLIVER TAMBO October 6, 2017 - 10:04 am

I think this is a Lovely ensemble and the fact that the head gear has its story beginning in Tanzania gives it more sweetness…Keep em coming


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