by Lynn Otieno

You want to be casual, you want to be edgy, you want to look chic and you definitely want to be comfortable in what you’re wearing.Since it’s that season again, let’s share some ideas.

Go for bright colors: Darker colors absorb light and brighter colors reflect. Other than keeping of the heat, a bright outfit will make you pop and definitely brighten your mood.

Dress light: Dressing light for me sometimes means wearing a loosely draping outfit. December is hot and the last thing you want is to be a sweaty disaster. Go for light fabrics as well.

Wear comfortable shoes: The only thing missing from today’s look is a white pair of well fitting rubber shoes.You ain’t going to a holiday party to sit.*wink

Go for clothes in natural fabric : Cotton is more breathable than rayon or polyester.It’s also very absorbent and dries faster as well.So choose wisely


Cover up to protect your skin from the sun: Sleeves are your friend. Exposure to direct sunlight could damage your skin.

Photography by Urban media

Outfit from Hotstepper Collections

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