by Otieno Lynn

Under the moonlight
In the silent of the night
Dancing to the song of the knights
To the tune of mirth and might
In movements clear and tight
No words, but silence in part
The gentle breeze brushing past
Dragging along dust from our pasts
Racing to the horizons
Hurling the pain and hurt
With might onto the bosom of oblivion
Setting us free, making us light
Lighter for the journey
Journey to the unknown
Unknown depths of life and love
Love so pure and so true
True as the rising of the sun
True as the promises of the father
Silhouettes and shadows so clear
Dreams and hopes so dear
The beginning of the end so near
Fear and fate so real
Thirst for love so intense
Intense as the night of the full moon
Cruel as the inside of a prison
Tonight we drown it all in the sea
Feeding it all to the fish
Giving it all in a leash
Sad is the moon
Bewildered is the wind
Enraged is the sea
In a wild rush
The dust of the earth is whirled
Nature is sad
On this night of the full moon

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kipkalya June 3, 2016 - 10:32 am

How do you rhyme osiepna…Nice poem…I will be sure to one day show one to yours truly…

Lynn Otieno June 3, 2016 - 10:40 am



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