by Lynn Otieno

I can’t remember the last time I was in the great outdoors with so many people and such great vibes. It’s been ages and this past Sunday, Eldoret residents were treated to an event of a kind. A first. Chill and Grill Chicken Festival.

Before anything else I want to talk about the location. Located deep in the belly of Kapseret, Lobo village boasts a contemporary beautiful garden, a fairly large water pan that serves as an avenue for boating and fishing. I’ve been thinking about how it would feel camping by the pan. And man, I had the privilege of experiencing one of the most charming sunsets ever, while boat riding. If archery is your thing, Lobo village offers a great archery range with instructors to boot.

I could go on and on about Logo village but for the purpose of this post let’s talk about Chill and Grill Chicken Festival. When I saw the posters I had this rush of excitement because man it’s been a bit. Not with Covid 19 and stuff. The thought of some great outdoor fun made me a little stoked.

Great music, cheerful crowd, sumptuous food, great weather. The DJ’s and the MC’s didn’t come to play and they ensured that the people got what they’d come for. Being the first edition, the turnout was great and generally the event was magnifique and quite honestly, exceeded my expectations. As expected, Antoneosoul fired the crowd up with his Afro fusion beats 🔥

Charges were 1000 Bob, redeemable for food and all the in situ activities offered by Lobo Village, which I think was quite fair.

The best part yet is that this is the first of many, and if you missed, watch out for the next edition.

Till then, enjoy the pictures. Ciao.

Photography : URBAN MEDIA

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J March 13, 2021 - 3:28 pm

You make me miss Eld.
You look so good btw


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