by Lynn Otieno

The rainy season is here and thinking about those damn cold mornings when staying in and sleeping it off sounds like a better idea than showing up at work to pay bills makes me sick. But that won’t ruin this moment.

Human beings are selfish as hell, we don’t like the dust and the mud makes us ish too. But as they say, when you pray for rain, get ready to deal with the mud too. More often times than not we expect smooth passages and when we hit a rough patch we complain, we whine, we give up. But just like the seasons of the earth, life has seasons to it, seasons that we must always be prepared to deal with. Enjoy the good times as they come, and learn to live with the idea that bad times will always grace the seasons of your life. Keep an open mind. Don’t resent change. I’m looking forward to enjoying this season.

Have a gorgeous week loves.


Photography :Urban Media

Shoes : Bata

Top and shorts : Thrift

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