by Lynn Otieno

Season 1 episode 9 . Sitting through the first season of game of thrones from the onset requires a lot of patience, you gotta hold it in until you probably get to episode 9 of the first season. The episode of things unimaginable . The episode of utter pain and disappointed.
As expected with most TV shows or movies, it’s the villain that dies, not the good guy, the good guy goes to the end of the show, probably at the beach, or seated at the end of the world watching the sun set.
The death of Ned Stark made me want to watch some more, and it actually sets precedence of how the rest of the script for Game of Thrones pans out.
Most shows lose creativity three or four seasons in, some even just in the second season. If you watch The Hundred or Quantico then you understand what I’m talking about.
The crescendo in the tempo from season 2 to 6 was nothing but thrilling, entertaining to say the least. Ned Stark’s eggs(children) are scattered to smithereens all over the world leading to the birth of one of the most iconic stars of Game of thrones, the girl with no name who claims no royalty and no ladyship. This interval sees the uprising of the Queen of Dragons, Cersei losing everything she holds dear and all that and actually angling a claim to the iron throne . It’s everything you don’t expect, it’s heart wrenching, it’s totally heartbreaking.
Then came the doomed season seven.Season 7 was trash, and the dumbest move is Ed Sheeran making a Cameo. I didn’t see the whole point of it. It was a total waste of time and resources.
I have never seen so much hype for a TV show as was accorded the final season of game of thrones. I bet you were as excited as I was to witness the end of it all.
The first and the second episodes were slow, a reunion of souls long lost and a lot of “Kumbaya ” going on. I had great expectations for the third episode. The final showdown between the living and the dead, and the Starks finally getting an opportunity to fight side by side in a grand fashion, each bringing their own gift.
See, the build up for the battle of winterfell began the moment Ned Stark’s head was chopped off, we have waited with a lot of anxiety, and for a battle that was meant to liberate the world, and to save the living from the dead, it was too shallow. I mean, how do you compress all those years of waiting into just one episode? Tragic.
Nevertheless, the highlights for me were lady LyannaMormont’s moment of glory, Brianne of Tarth finally being made a knight of the seven kingdoms(at the end of season 2) and of course Arya Stark killing the Night King. Other than these, everything else was a sham. We needed to see more action than we were served. And of course more mediocrity served in episode 4. I guess the producers of Game of Thrones finally ran out of ideas and we’re in a rush to finish off the show, the plot is pacing too fast, too fast for a show with the best first six episodes ever.
Game of thrones has set itself on a path of a fairly predictable plot, like a soap opera would. And we’re just hanging in there, like Zombies, waiting for the final show.

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Kalya John May 9, 2019 - 2:18 pm

Well said…I binge-watch the show in 2015 (I had watched the first episode back in 2013 but lost my taste). Anyway, I got hitched and started streaming the episodes for season 5 to present. My best ever must have been season 3 to 7. The best of season 7 (actually what I anticipated was the grown dragons soaring above Dany’s Army. In between I liked the anticipation in her reunion with the Dothrakis…as well as the beautiful scenes of Dorne…I hate the north for their must, heavy overcoats, and snow.

I feel that the climax is actually a cheat…after waiting for the long-night (which I expected would last the who season- with catch phrase Valar Morghulis ringing true) I only got one short night in which the NK was masterfully executed. At the point I wanted to just let go…but what was the point? bora uhai hehe.

Episode 4 was the empties…just getting drunk, getting laid, a few arrows, a dead dragon (so sad), and a headless body. I would consider it a bridge episode before the last battle…

Anyways let’s wait and see

Lynn Otieno May 9, 2019 - 4:09 pm

Such an anticlimax!

Otile Tambo May 9, 2019 - 7:06 pm

S1 should have taught us that RR Martin goes North when you and your Emotions go South. Tell your expectations it’s a lie. The goal was to impregnate viewers with a long anticipation and quick birth. The winter war was a decoy my people… Remember it the game of thrones not lives. And let’s be honest, we clenched our bitt cheeks the whole episode 3 and now we have been put on pedestal of disappointment, anger, with a bitter after taste…I tell you what…They have you right where they need you to be. Just get a bigger screen because the culmination is coming in a crescendo and we are all going to be ophans in the next 2 episodes. I recommend you start applying for adoption at “Into the badlands” and “Money Heist”

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