by Otieno Lynn
Photo courtesy :jojostruys.com

To love,
Does it need courage?
Does it give courage?
So much I wanna say, don’t know where to begin

What words to use, 
It was LOVE,
At first touch…hush..
I didn’t know what to do with that love,

Didn’t know how to love you, are you loveable?
Do you love food?or movies?
If you’d love me right back or not
Sometimes I miss you, other times you make me sick

To see you in another life, 

That in that life we’d have the courage to love
To say the words we so much dread
To give unconditionally
The hearts that we protect with our lives
This life was not meant for us, maybe the next

Akinyi and Otieno just like day and night
We are worlds apart, thoughts apart, feelings apart,
Yet there is a quiet place where our hearts connect
A feeling we can’t get with another
It’s not sexual, it’s not physical,
It’s not emotional,
It’s not a place it’s not a feeling
Tell me what this is
Maybe it’s spiritual, maybe its abstract, an illusion

So here goes nothing,
Nothing and the words I’ll never tell you…
No, not in this life
And I hope to see you at the terminal
The point of inadvertence where our souls meet
Where our souls meet to talk honestly
To talk honestly about the things our lips cannot.

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